Why not enjoy learning! Yes, it can be done!

After you have done all of the following:

 Read our Text Book

 Listened all our Audio Reinforcements

 Taken some of our Interactive Quizzes and tests

 Checked out and memorized several Mind Maps

 Studied from Flash Cards

 Watched hours after hours of teachings from our Virtual Instructor

...you probably have had enough and need to take a break.

Go for it! You sure have earned it! 

You can still make it beneficial though. Relax, take your favourite beverage and see how you like 

our Crossword Puzzles or try one of our Insurance exam learning games that come with the module.

TESTivity has included Insurance license crossword puzzles, Word Search games or some other 

interactive games in each of the Insurance Exam learning modules. 

Play Some Games....Take The Test....Get Your License.

Crossword Puzzle Sample

See if you can Ace the puzzles included. If you do it, you will also PASS the official State Insurance 


What is your favourite method for learning new things? Does something work better than other 

methods? A lot of research has been done about adult learning modalities these recent years. It 

means that scientists have looked at all the ways how people take in, process, remember and use 

their knowledge.

When it comes to adult learning, there is not just one certain method that works for all, just like 

people are wearing different shoe sizes, they use different methods for learning things. People who 

are about to take their Insurance License tests come from all different cultures, locales, educational 

backgrounds and life experiences.