Frequent coverage of insurance terms and concepts is essential for success on the state licensing 

exam. This efficient, effective study tool is line-of-authority specific and portable for quick self-

test anywhere. Test your knowledge on fundamental insurance terms and get ready for the exam 

with more than 450 review cards for each courses. Each Module in the Insurance License Exam, 

Virtual Learning Experience has a varying number of audio Flashcards incorporated into it. Flash 

Cards are GREAT approach to get ready to a knowledge-based, content-driven, multiple choice 

exam. Like everything else in our insurance licensing prep course or Virtual Learning 

Experience, LATITUDE's Virtual Flash Cards incorporate audio strengthening into the learning 

process. You can read, or you can listen, or can read AND listen--Whatever you prefer. 

Listening to something enhances your ability to retain it exponentially! 

Think of how many songs you know the lyrics to....

Did you ever attempt to remember those lyrics? 

Likely not. 

If you hear something quite a few times (like a song on the radio) you will just know it.

Our Virtual Learning Experience will push the information to you from countless angles and 

reinforce it with many different delivery methods;

By the time we are done with you... will just know it! 

Continuous, consistent exposure to the testable content in our concise, yet strong format enables 

our learners to retain the knowledge required to pass the licensing exam smoothly.

The Virtual Insurance License Exam audio Flashcards are Easy, Informative, and Included in the 

Virtual Learning Experience.