These mind maps are excellent! TESTivity has more than 50 patented mind maps available, each of 

these bring out some of the testable concepts needed to pass the state insurance exams. The graphics 

of each mind map are Eye-Catching, Bright and Vibrant. When you look at one Mind Map, it seems 

like you are viewing many regular flash cards put together.

Mind Maps from TESTivity are way better than any other study methods since the graphic brings 

out bullet points with the answers to the questions that are directly taken from the actual Licensing 


We know that some of our students have PASSED their licensing test without doing anything else 

besides using our Mind Maps. However, we DO NOT recommend this!

While regular mind maps come in colourful hard copy, digital maps are a part of our Virtual 

Learning Program.

What is your favourite method for learning new things? Does something work better than other 

methods? A lot of research has been done about adult learning modalities these recent years. It 

means that scientists have looked at all the ways how people take in, process, remember and use 

their knowledge.

When it comes to adult learning and knowing how to get an Insurance license, there is not just one 

certain method that works for all, just like people are wearing different shoe sizes, they use different 

methods for learning things. People who are about to take their Insurance License tests come from 

all different cultures, locales, educational backgrounds and life experiences.

TESTivity Insurance exam study materials contain several learning modalities all in one program. 

We have deductive vs inductive, analytical vs global, intuitive, linear, systematic, kinaesthetic, 

auditory and visual learning modalities – something for everyone!

We know that everyone takes a different approach to learning....

We have what YOU need to pass the insurance license exam!