The TESTivity Virtual Insurance and Securities Licensing Text Book is an essential piece of the 

Virtual Learning Experience. It has the look and feel of a conventional Insurance and Securities 

License Study Guide, but it is online...You turn every page with the click of a mouse!  This 

comprehensive textbook addresses key terms and significant licensing topics, broken down into 

easily digestible units. Units contain multiple graphics, exercises, quizzes, and discussion 

questions to help you learn faster and remember important information as you prepare for the 

state exam. The text also includes:

 Practice exam

 Glossary of common terms

 Handy appendix with commonly used charts.

Online Insurance Exam Text Book

You can read it, let your Virtual Instructor read it to you, or you can read and listen 


Listening to something improves your ability to retain it exponentially! Think of how many 

songs you know the lyrics to....did you ever attempt to remember those lyrics?

Likely not. 

If you hear something quite a few times (like a song on the radio) you will just know it.

Our online insurance license school will push the information to you from countless angles and 

reinforce it with many different delivery methods.

By the time we are done with you... will just know it! 

Online Insurance Audio Course

Continuous, consistent exposure to the testable insurance licensing exam content in our concise, 

yet robust format enables our learners to retain the required knowledge smoothly.

The TESTivity Virtual insurance license text book covers EVERYTHING that will be on the 

Licensing exam, and ONLY what is on the Licensing Exam. This Virtual Text Book will not 

teach you to do your job, or become a financial advisor...or solve world hunger. It is 100% 

license exam insurance license test prep material.